Travel Around the World Right Here in Sedona

Fine dining food with culture

You might call it home, or seek to travel with Sedona as one of your destinations. Either way it’s easy to see why so many love it here as a unique locality. Many things center around the spiritual and natural occurring beauty that happens in Arizona as a whole. That’s not to say you also can’t find a way to enjoy all the diversity that can be found too. Today we’ll take a look at some of the greatest locations for you to experience flavor from all over the world, right here in Sedona.

Cucina Rustica Village of Oak Creek

You’re Family at Cucina Rustica

Our first stop lands us in what could easily be mistaken for an authentic Italian villa. Cucina Rustica feels more like home than a restaurant. Their most notable features are friendly service and amazing food but you simply can’t ignore the décor. For true Italian immersion we recommend Lisa’s Luscious Lasagna. It’s a classic lasagna layered with homemade Bolognese sauce, Italian sausage, ricotta, and mozzarella. This is a dish so amazing the head chef even shared her name with it! Also on our radar is the Linguine con Vongole. This linguine pasta is made fresh with clams and savory garlic in a Chardonnay sauce. No matter what you choose flavor and satisfaction are guaranteed. This fine dining spot is well loved and one we suggest reservations for.

Chinese cuisine at Szechuan Sedona

Feel the Heat from Szechuan Sedona

Fly over to Szechuan Sedona when you want a taste of eastern cuisine. This Chinese style menu has us tempted just by reading it! When you see the beautifully crafted dishes before you the cultural inspiration really shines through. We highly recommend their Kung Pao Chicken. This is a classic sliced chicken stir-fry with peanuts, water chestnuts, green and red peppers and dried chili peppers in some spicy hot sauce. For the true spice enthusiast we challenge you with their Curry Chicken sautéed with green and red peppers, onions, and carrots in hot curry sauce. This is a family friendly restaurant with a menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options.

Mexican tacos at Los Rosales Sedona

Close to Home with Los Rosales

If you love adventure but want to stay closer to home Los Rosales has you covered. Mexican doesn’t come more authentic in the states than this. This location is a bit more casual and we love the simple aesthetic. Check out their Birria tacos for a blend of chilies and spices simmered with beef stew meat. The fajitas here are also incredible. They come with bell peppers, yellow and red onions, served with cactus leaves, Mexican onions, pinto beans and tortillas. They offer up happy hour specials as well, every Monday through Friday from 3pm to 5pm.

Rene Restaurant Sedona Dining Room Place to Eat

Feed your Sophisticated Side at Rene Restaurant

Rene Restaurant is a taste of France situated in the heart of the Arts and Crafts Village of Tlaquepaque. Upon entering you recognize that to call this fine dining is an understatement. It’s a perfect setting with their outdoor seating area overlooking the fountain. For dinner we love their roasted duck, accompanied by our wild rice and mushroom cake, finished with a sun-dried cherry sauce. Rene is special in that there are separate menus to accommodate time of day. Lunch gives you the opportunity to spend the day in Tlaquepaque, as well as try the French classic Escargots du Chambertin with traditional parsley garlic butter and toast points. Just as amazing as the rest of their menu, make sure you leave room for their extensive French desserts menu too!

Be sure to make any of these your objective when it comes to dining in Sedona. Each has a plate of adventure waiting for you. For those of you traveling or if you’re simply looking for a great date night location we hope you see now Sedona has quite the selection. For more information, suggestions, deals and reviews make our Facebook page the first destination of your journey.

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